Advisory board

The EAB is the body in charge of providing to the Executive Board (composed of Coordinator, the scientific technical manager and the work packages’ leaders) expertise and recommendation on the on-going activities as well as advice on the orientations of the project. The EAB is one key body of Fiware4Water strategic management. As it is composed of members/networks from shared and/or complementary competences from different fields, the EAB will also play the ‘multiplier’ role towards their networks in terms of Fiware4Water outcomes promotion.
Members of the EAB are :

  • Alberto Pistocchi (JRC)

    Scientific/Technical Officer at European Commission DG

    Environmental engineer and land planner, specialized in hydrology, natural hazards and chemical fate and transport modeling. Direct experience in decision support and environmental assessment for water resources management, land planning and investments in renewable energy and land development.



  • Edouard Boinet (International Network of Basin Organisations - INBO)

    Project manager

    Edouard Boinet worked at the French Embassy in Kenya on the United Nations Environment Program, at the Health & Environment Program of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) & at the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO (UNESCO-IHP) on cooperative transboundary basin management. As project manager for the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), he coordinates the network and its collaboration with key partners (UNECE, UNESCO, OECD), prepares contributions for major international events (World Water Forum, UNFCCC/UNCBD COPs, INBO General Assemblies, Europe-INBO International Conferences) & implements IWRM field projects (mainly in Africa and Asia).


    “You can’t manage what you don't know: fortunately, Fiware4Water will help to fulfil the promising potential of digitalization for knowledge building and informed decision-making in the water sector”





  • Elad Salomons (OptiWater)

    Water resources engineer

    Elad Salomons is a “hands on” Water Resources Engineer with over 20 years of consulting experience to engineering firms, water utilities, the Israeli national water company and start-up companies in the water sector. He holds a Bsc in Civil Engineering and a M.SC in Engineering and Management of Water Resources. Elad’s focus is on water distribution systems management, modelling, optimization, water security, software development and research. In his research activities Elad had participated in multiple research projects and is the co-author of dozens of journal papers. Elad is active in development of the open source EPANET project as a member of its development committee.


    "For many years the physical and digital water networks were separate, this is the time to close the gap between them. Fiware4Water could be the bridge between this gap"

  • Guido Schmidt (Fresh Thoughts Consulting GmbH)

    Senior Policy Expert

    I’m German PhD with 26 years’ experience as project manager, team leader, and key expert on better understanding, preventing and/or solving water and environmental problems and conflicts. Since 2012, I have led the Secretariat of the European Innovation Partnership on Water. I am involved in several projects regarding the implementation of the EU water legislation, as well as on water governance in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


    Climate change, increased pollution and water use conflicts are drivers which require risk mitigation and adaptation actions in the water sector, and improved data management is one of the opportunities to address them.




  • Ivan Valtchkov Ivanov (Bulgarian Water Association)


    Eng. Ivan Ivanov has been Chairman of the Bulgarian Water Association since 2012. Recently he has been appointed a Chairperson of Bulgarian Water&Sewerage Holding. He is Board Member incl. Chairman for 2018 of the Board of the European Benchmarking Co-operation Foundation. He is the Executive Director of the Industrial Cluster Underground Infrastructure. He has been a member of the GA of the European Federation of National Associations for Water and Sewerage Services (EurEau) for the period 2010-2020. He has been employed in the field of water sector and water supply and sewerage since 1999, working for 11 years in Sofiyska Voda AD, where he holds the positions of Procurator.


    “For me, digitalisation is the inevitable future in which the water sector must be the leader of change for better. It is also the best tool in the sector's resilience to climate change”

  • Milo Fiasconaro (APE)

    Executive Director

    Milo Fiasconaro has an extensive professional and academic experience in EU policies, especially in the field of Research and Enterprise policies. He holds a Master by research degree in economic geography by Durham University (UK) and a degree (laurea) in EU policies from Florence University (IT).

  • Zoltán Melicz, PhD (KaveczkiTerv Ltd, Hungary)

    Senior advisor, R&D Division

    Zoltán Melicz PhD civil engineer, water professional. He has 22 years of experience in water research and management at higher educational institutions and private companies. His specific research area is water and wastewater technologies, applying advanced techniques. Participated in several water related innovations, led water infrastructure design projects. Owns water technology patent. Member of presidentship of water professional bodies in Hungary (Hungarian Hydrological Society, Hungarian Water Association). Gained managerial experience in international research projects.


    My experience revealed the necessity of digitalization of water infrastructure. Applying modelling, sensors and artificial intelligence may enhance performance of these facilities.