Ivan Valtchkov Ivanov (Bulgarian Water Association)


Eng. Ivan Ivanov has been Chairman of the Bulgarian Water Association since 2012. Recently he has been appointed a Chairperson of Bulgarian Water&Sewerage Holding. He is Board Member incl. Chairman for 2018 of the Board of the European Benchmarking Co-operation Foundation. He is the Executive Director of the Industrial Cluster Underground Infrastructure. He has been a member of the GA of the European Federation of National Associations for Water and Sewerage Services (EurEau) for the period 2010-2020. He has been employed in the field of water sector and water supply and sewerage since 1999, working for 11 years in Sofiyska Voda AD, where he holds the positions of Procurator.


“For me, digitalisation is the inevitable future in which the water sector must be the leader of change for better. It is also the best tool in the sector's resilience to climate change”