Demo case #1: Water supply system real time operational management (Greece)



 Context: The Water Company of Athens’s (EYDAP) external raw water supply system serves the city of Athens (5.000.000 inhabitants) with 420 hm3/y. The system comprises of more than 250 km of aqueducts, and 4 major water reservoirs whose optimal operation guarantees water provision in the water scarce climate of the Mediterranean. The hydrosystem’s operation relies on a network of water quantity and quality sensors (specifically: 5 open channel flowmeters, more than 10 close pipe flow meters, more than 50 open channel water level meters and 12 water quality meters (turbidity, conductivity, temperature) and related hydraulic and resource management calculations to select the optimal reservoirs to extract water from at each operational time step and the optimal route to follow for the water to reach Athens’s Water Treatment Plants.

Challenges: To ensure high reliability of operations, EYDAP is upgrading its supervisory system and digital water strategy in the next 2 years and is keen to look and test alternatives to

(a) facilitate the integration of different sensors from different vendors into a common system (b) facilitate the development of different applications (models, analytics) by different developers on the data available; and (c) interface seamlessly with and provide added value to legacy systems (sensors and online control systems – such as the one seen in the figure above, currently housed in EYDAP’s internal servers).

Role of Fiware4Water: FIWARE will be used to integrate operational sensors (existing flow meters, stages and water quality sensors as discussed above, as well as 2 new open channel Doppler flowmeters that will be bought within the project) and other (novel) surveillance methods into a common operational picture (in real time)