The 5 projects, F4W, aqua3S, DigitalWater.City, NAIADES and ScoreWater composing the DigitalWater2020 synergy group have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. They all address digital water related issues. DW2020 is organised into 5 tasks force. Since its creation in May 2020, the DW2020 different task forces have met many times to share and develop common approaches. DW2020 act to Set synergies and complementarities in terms of development, research and communication, Join efforts and share experiences about the impact of digitalisation on the water sector and Support a more efficient means of managing and protecting water resources, solving several challenges related to resource efficiency, climate change and sustainable development. The overall aim is to Support decision making and bring innovative water digital solutions to the market and Achieve wide uptake among utilities, municipalities, SMEs and start up, software industry and general public.