Demo network #2: International Network of Basin Organisations


Context: The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) includes “Basin Organizations” (organizations which have been entrusted by relevant public administrations with integrated water resources management at the level of basins of rivers, lakes or aquifers, either national, federal or transboundary). The network gathers 192 full Members or Permanent Observers from 88 countries worldwide. INBO has, among its objectives, a role of support to its members, to facilitate the implementation of tools suitable for institutional and financial management, programming, organization of databanks and information systems, and to promote information and training programs for basin organizations.

Approach: INBO, with the support of OIEau, will organise 6 workshops (at year 3) linked to events driven by its regional branches (Europe, Africa, Mediterranean, South America, North America, Central Asia) to showcase the benefits of Fiware4Water smart applications and devices for managing water in an integrated way, relying on sound Water Information Systems and efficient data management. A concerted effort will be also undertaken to involve Municipal governments located within the INBO sphere of influence as follower.


First webinar dedicated to the River Basin Organisation (INBO) related to F4W Demo Network#2 which took place during the EURO-INBO General Assembly on the 17 November 2020


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