Links between Fiware and Fiware4Water

FIWARE ( is a curated framework of open source components which can be assembled together and with other third-party components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions ( The main and only mandatory component of any “Powered by FIWARE” platform or solution is the FIWARE Orion Context Broker (OCB), which brings a cornerstone function in any smart solution - the need to manage context information, enabling to perform updates and bring access to context. Building around the FIWARE Context Broker, a rich suite of complementary FIWARE components (Generic Enablers) are available, dealing with:

  •  Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems, for capturing updates on context information and translating required actuations.
  •  Context Data/API management, publication and monetization, implementing the expected smart behaviour of applications and/or assisting end users in making smart decisions.
  •  Processing, analysis, and visualization of context information, bringing support to usage control and the opportunity to publish and monetize part of managed context data.


From the FIWARE architecture, at least five major benefitsfor the water domain will be developed by Fiware4Water: (i) Bringing water into cross domain applications (ii) using standardised interfaces, models and methods also for interoperability (iii) revealing the power of data (iv) integrating seamlessly legacy system (v) boosting innovation in the water domain.

Fiware4Water is making a strong step forward towards the consecution of digital water challenges, linking the physical and the virtual worlds, converting data coming from sensors, and combining it with information from other systems, value chains and domains. FIWARE provides technology enablers which simplify the generation of effective knowledge, and the deployment of personalised smart applications. These will maximise the water data value by providing collective and collaborative management of the water resources, considering side-effects at cross-domain.


Fiware4Water functional structure and links with legacy systems