Webinars and eLearning materials


Executive summary: Webinars and eLearning materials

The deliverable n°6.13 Webinars and eLearning materials presents the webinars and related materials put into place by Fiware4Water partners in order to promote, exchange and gather perception from potentials end-users and the peer communities. The deliverable will be issued three times over the duration of the project at month 12, 24 (this version) and 35. This document is linked to Work Package 6 Task 6.1 Communication and Dissemination of Project Outcomes.Webinars provide an excellent way to engage with the targeted audiences through a virtual interactive presentation. They allow to communicate the different aspects, benefits, progress and perspectives of Fiware4Water digital solutions.E-Learning materials refer to learning materials developed for the Internet. It is a solitary experience for learners who are alone as they read through the material. In this context, the expected E-Learning materials will actually be the materials used during the various webinars proposed throughout the project, as well as their video recordings all available on www.fiware4water.eu.

According to Fiware4Water description of work, 9 webinars should be held over the entire duration of the project. During the first year, three of them were accomplished and led by EGM as well as a developers’ workshop. The focus was on the technical development of F4W solutions.During the second year, 6 webinars were organised (5 public and one private). The focus of the webinars has progressively moved to the promotion of F4W solutions and engagement with potential end-users: municipalities (webinar#9) and basins organisations (webinar#10).

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