Synergy Group DigitalWater2020


 As part of the European commission H2020 program, Fiware4Water is linked with 4 other projects dealing with digital water: Aqua3S, Digital Water City, NAIADES and SCORE Water. These 5 projects are gathered in one synergy group DigitalWater2020. The main goal of linking all these projects is to ensure synergies and complementarities in terms of development, research, communication and outreach.

These projects have strong interest to collaborate. They rely on the value of data and information to support decision making. They all aim to bring innovative water digital solutions to the market and achieve their wide uptake among utilities, municipalities, SMEs and start up, software industry and general public. Some of them also already work with the FIWARE platform (


To develop synergies, DigitalWater2020has been structured with the following 5 task forces



DigitalWater2020 first concrete actions are to deliver a common deliverable on how the synergy group will function and what it will deliver. Simultaneously, common communication are getting prepared. A common article will be published in the FIWARE booklet on fighting climate change with FIWARE and a poster will be proposed at the next ICT4Water cluster General Assembly (17 & 18 of June 2020,